Should You Use A Deposit Bonus?

Most online casinos today offer their customers, both old and new, curious deposit bonuses. In particular, the offers that casinos make to those players who have just opened their account and are going to replenish their account look very curious. The casino provides the same amount of money for the rubles or dollars deposited, and often even double the amount.

We strongly recommends that you carefully read the wagering rules and bonus accruals before you apply for them. It is also worth calculating – is the bonus so profitable for the players, or did the gambling establishment provide too much mathematical advantage?

Yes, of course, the task is very difficult, however, as practice shows, with such a simple task, the players openly screw up and make the wrong, not balanced decisions. This does not require serious efforts, and we are ready to confirm this right now.

How To Calculate The Benefit From The Bonus?

The main aspect that will need to pay great attention when studying the rules – is it possible to withdraw money from the system immediately after the wagering requirements have been met? The whole difficulty lies in the fact that in some cases, malaysia trusted online casino bonuses are provided only for this amount, which is withdrawn from the player’s account after he has dealt with the wager. From an economic point of view, such deposit bonuses are unprofitable.

Your task is to find bonuses that can be withdrawn, but it should be borne in mind that no institution will give its money just like that. For example, to win back $ 100, you need the total turnover on your account to exceed the mark, for example, 2000 thousand dollars for a certain time. This is a common practice and real odds.

It is very important to consider the conditions of the wager. However, it is worth taking into account the fact that in some cases you can wager only the bonus, in other cases you need to wager both the bonus and the deposit, which doubles your “debt bonus obligations”.

Be sure to study which specific games are allowed to wager the bonus. The main condition is that these models must have a minimum casino advantage. So, French roulette, video poker, blackjack, craps will be the best games for you! But be prepared for the casino’s knowledge of this – such games are excluded from the bonus wagering requirements. There are exceptions, but in this case, only a part of the bets made (from 2 to 50% inclusive) will be counted in the wager.

Use Math

After you have found the most profitable game, start counting the possible theoretical losses if the wager conditions are met and compare them with the size of the bonus. We will give a live example.

So, you were given a 100% bonus as a deposit bonus – you need to wager it 30 times. When the account has been replenished with $ 100, the player will receive another $ 100. However, in order to get them out of the system, it is easy to calculate that bets need to be made for 3 thousand dollars.

Perhaps, this casino has the best terms on the slot, where the theoretical return is 97.5%. Thus, out of the $ 100 that you bet on this slot, you lose $ 2.5. Out of 1000 dollars, you are guaranteed to lose 25 USD, on 3 thousand you already lose 75.

Theoretically (since the mathematical advantage of the casino manifests itself in a long segment of the game and it is not a fact that you will lose exactly at the moment of wagering the bonus), this is a profitable bonus, since out of 100 USD received by you, only 75 will be lost, and even then it is not accurate …

The biggest difficulty lies in the fact that not every casino publishes information on the mathematical advantage of a casino on its website. But in craps, roulette or blackjack, in principle, there are no special secrets – the data can be easily found on the official websites of software manufacturers.

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