16 Bit Dual Kickstart ROM

 Here is one of the other projects that has recently been completed. It is a Dual Kickstart ROM for all Amiga 500s and A600s. The rom contains 2 kickstart images that total 1MB in size...

- KS 3.1 40.72

 - Diagrom V1.0. ("Chucky" John Hertell )

A500 Rev 5

A500 Rev 6

 The Kickstart can swap and remember its current selection by holding down the Ctrl, Amiga, Amiga buttons for at least 2 seconds to perform a warm reset. When powering down and rebooting the amiga it will remember and load the previously selected ROM.  The ROM is able to work on the earlier Rev 5 A500s by either solder blobbing a jumper (JPR2 on the top left) or installing a jumper header and close the header. Default shipping is set with the jumper open for use with Rev 6 and greater A500s and all A600s. This Rom does not need any external wires or jumpers, it is a simple plug n' play

 The pins of the KS ROM are very fragile and you need to be very careful not to bend them as they could snap. It is possible to straighten them again by very slowly straightening the affected pin. If a pin does break off they are fairly easy to replace for the average Amiga hacker. Please ensure that you insert the ROM in the correct direction. The ROM is marked with the label PIN 1 and also the pin 1 marker.

 For installation, insert the ROM carefully and when happy with the orientation turn on the computer. The power LED on the ROM should light immediately, if not, power off and recheck. The ROM also has another LED which will indicate whether the ROM has loaded the low or high 512K portion of the ROM (either on or off). It is possible to feed the status LED of the ROM to the new A500 and A600 Keyboards I have created so you can see without opening the case, more on that later.

Many thanks to John "Chucky" Hertell for allowing the use of his awesome diagnostic rom image. IAW his wishes $1 will be donated to charity for every ROM board sold that contains his DIAGROM image.

 And last but definately not least, many thanks go to Mike Stirling for creating the code for the rom board to swap the images, awesome!

 Custom Images

The ROMs have the possibility of containing up to 4 x 512k rom images when supplied with a bigger Flash ROM on board. If you would like this done then let me know but bear in mind you would have to send me the images and I am very busy. The ROMs can cycle through all 4 images with the warm reset as with the 2 ROM image.

 Amiga 1200.

 I also have the A1200 custom ROM working for the A1200, once I get some time I will make some up and will distribute them.






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