Welcome to my online store. Here you will find various hardware that will enhance your beloved Amiga (and even some Atari's and other old 8/16 bit consoles).

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UPDATE 20 August 2015

Please Read.

 Paypal policies dictate that whenever someone purchases goods then the seller is responsible for the delivery of these goods to the buyer.  

From now on, Whenever a buyer wishes to buy items from me and wants to use the "buying goods" option then they will be required to pay the higher postage rates that offer tracking and insurance options. The actual rates can be found on www.canadapost.ca website and vary from country to country with the average cost about $46 CAD for European/Australasia continents. N. America is a lot cheaper. The buyer will pay the actual cost of postage.

 If a buyer wants to pay as gift then items will be mailed as Small packet Air which is the cheapest international (air) option that Canada Post offer. This option has the risk that in the event of loss then there is no tracking or insurance and I would not be liable to paypal. For the smaller items this is not really an issue, for the more expensive items then thought should be given as to which option to use. It has reached a point where a loss of a package hurts my pocket and also my enthusiasm to continue in providing Amiga parts for the community. I believe I charge a fair price for my items and I do not make much profit, and this is done on a spare time basis.   I do realise that this will have an effect on people deciding not to order from me and I do regret this, but I have no choice other than to abandon all my new projects (which are funded by profits) and close up shop or sell on to a distributor only.






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