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Here are the items I currently have for sale.  (in stock unless noted otherwise).  Everything is tested prior to shipping. If you wish to use Express or various methods of shipping that use tracking numbers then you will be responsible for the higher mailing costs whatever they may be.  Average shipping times using Canada post small packets is 5 - 7 days to Europe and 4 - 6 days US continent. I will be adding more items when i get time.

** shipping will be based on actual cost of shipping and cost of padded envelopes ,  if a multiple order fits into one packet then shipping costs will be cheap **


Amiga 600 / 1200 CF to IDE extender - AVAILABLE

 This board allows you to use a compact flash card in your A600 or A1200 without the need to open your case all the time allowing you to use multiple cards and configurations by simply swapping out the CF card. (Always power down the Amiga to swap out CF cards).

 In order to do the installation of this card you will need to enlarge the PCMCIA slot.  Look at the following PDF documents to see what is involved.




Price of CF - IDE adapter...  $18.00   (Cdn. + Shipping approx $8.50 small packet int'l,)





Cheapvid Svideo conversion board - AVAILABLE

 This board inputs a Chroma and Luma signal and will produce a S-Video signal output. This has uses for any computer, console or device that uses the Sony CXA 1145 video encoder chip or clone (Amiga, Sega etc). Board comes with the Svideo connector either unmounted or mounted.

Price of Cheapvid S-Video adapter...  $9.00   (Cdn. + Shipping approx $8.50 small packet int'l, & N.America $6.50)




Art 2003 Pic18fxxxx LPT Programmer. - AVAILABLE

 This is what you will need if you wish to program a bootloader onto an 18Fxxxx chip prior to programming the hex file via the USB 18Fxxxx programmer. You cannot program a hex file onto a blank 18Fxxxx  chip without using this first as the chip will not be recognised via usb. This programmer will plug into most PC's parallel port directly or by using an extension cable. A usb to parallel adapter cable MAY ? be compatible.

 You will need to use Winpic software (free) to program the bootloader (link will be available soon) and you will need PICDEMF5 usb software (free) to program your hex file once the bootlader is installed on the chip.

Price of Art 2003 programmer (as shown below)...  $11.00   (Cdn. + Shipping approx $8.50 small packet)






 This is what you will need if you wish to read the XBox 360 Nand chip using Nandpro on your PC. It comes complete with a 9" cable so you can connect it to your 360, and a USB connector to  attach to your PC.

 The Flasher comes with either a Pic18f2455 or Pic18f2550 (dependent on what i have left) and will be programmed with the bootloader so you can install whichever 360 flash file you want via the USB cable.This flasher can also be modified for other uses if you so desire.

Price of  360 NAND Flasher (including either a Pic18f2455 or Pic18f2550 ) and cable...  $18.00   (Cdn. + Shipping approx $8.50 small packet)




XBox 360 Jtag Transistor board. - AVAILABLE

 Here is a simple little board that will clean up the jtag install on your 360 that uses the 2 transistors and 2 resistors (Blackaddr mod).  This is the best method of preventing the failed boots experienced on some 360's  and of course will make the install look a lot cleaner

 There are 5 points you connect your wires to, E1, C1. (Emitter 1 and Collector 1)... E2, C2,  and a common base that is shared by both transistors.  This board is only 0.5" square and has 2 sided tape so you can place it anywhere on the board. I can post pictures later for those that need more info.

Price of this is $4.00.  This will fit in a regular envelope so shipping will be cost of a regular international mail  (approx $2.00)