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Amiga Items for sale


*** 9th June 2014 - I am caught up on my backlog so i can continue to process orders.  If i have not responded to an email from you, please repost to me... Thanks ***


 This is not my full time business, i build these in my spare time so i may be slow to respond or have things available. I like to respond to email requests normally on the weekend so please be patient


All prices are now in $ US.  Due to increased costs (and declining value of the Canadian dollar) all prices listed are now in $ US effective 5th Nov 2014. Shipping prices will remain in Canadian funds and will be adjusted into $ US equivalent

News 5 Nov 2014...  I will be releasing a new product in the next few weeks for all Amigas, still top secret, but i think a lot of people will like it :)

I accept paypal, shipping to most parts of the world will be Canada post small packet and will cost $9.40 (for package under 250grams).

My email address is kipper2k@shaw.ca

Here are some sample weights;

PSX adapter                                          35g
A500 4MB Memory Expansion board     40g
A500 8MB Memory Expansion Board     44g
A600 4MB Memory Expansion Board     31g
CF card external                                    25g
CF card Internal                                    16g
HDMI w/cable                                      25g
Indi MkI vga no cable                            15g

All items are available unless noted otherwise.


 I am having an abnormal amount of orders mailed to Poland that have gone missing. For this reason i cannot accept liability for orders sent "small packet air"  ($11) to Poland lost in the mail unless the order is sent by tracked mail which is expensive ($58.00).  For orders sent to Poland by "small packet air" i will show proof of mailing but as i have mentioned i cannot accept liability if lost.  For this reason "small packet air" orders mailed to Poland must be paid for as "Paypal gift"


A500 (1000, 2000) 4MB / 8MB Fast Ram Memory Expansion board With CF Card IDE support

 This is my new A500 4MB/8MB Memory expansion board for your Amiga 500 (and other models) that has built in IDE support by use of a CF card that has been formatted for use with the Amiga. The board uses the IDE68K design for the IDE portion. The board will fit inside all A500's and with the use of various CPU adapters should work in the A1000, A2000 and CDTV..  Simply remove your CPU, place it in the Expansion board and then connect the memory board and CPU adapter board if being used to the now empty CPU slot on the A500 motherboard. The memory will autoconfigure when the Amiga is turned on.


 Not all kickstarts will autoboot and users should read the following webpage for all the current info on the IDE68K



A1000 and A2000 users

 This board will work on these Amiga's however the A1000 definately needs a different CPU adapter to enable it to fit properly and the A2000 probably does as well. Hopefully people can check and let me know of their findings. Soldering points will be different for these machines

Here is link to the A2000 installation



The fastmem will work with the CDTV however, from what i am told the RAM has to be added using the add fastmem command so it will need a different CPLD. Let me know if you are using it for  the CDTV.

Here is link tohelp with the fastmem setup CDTV


Any questions you can send them to my email stated above, be patient, i have a lot of things on my plate.



  Above picture shows the A500 CPU adapter ($4.00) and the fastmem board (8mb version shown) The 4MB version has 2 memory chips instead of 4. (CPU not included)


A500 CPU adapter shown in place, notice the small white 2 pin header on the expansion slot. That is where you will need to solder it for the A500. The header and the cable to connect to the board comes wih the board. This board has a custom 2 kickstart ROM  i designed (V1.3 & V3.1). The custom ROM actually sits a little lower than te original kickstart chip and is reprogrammable


The board is mounted in place on this A500.  I shaped the top left of the board to allow the Indivision ECS to be fitted so they can co-exist. In order to install this board you may need to bend down a couple of capacitors out of the way.  (You don't get the CPU with the board). The A500's i tried V5 > V8  will close with the CPU adapter in place.

 I have included a header so that if you want a switch it can be easily installed for a multiboot KS. Simply run a wire from the KS to the ROM input and then run wires to a switch (4.7K resistor already in place).



 Here you can see the IDE Activity LED (LED3) it will blink whenever there is disk activity.  There is also a 2 pin header that is unused that can be utilized to add an external LED. Simply add a 2 pin header and an LED on a cable and remove the solder blob on SJ1 and that will allow a remote IDE activity LED.

 All chips have been programmed so no need for any programming tools. Chips are not locked out so they can be read/altered (careful!)

Above is a picture of the fastmem/IDE board in an A500+ with the Indivision ECS also installed. In order for both to be fitted you can notice that there is an extra set of risers on the fastmem board to give it more height. The A500+ case will still close, pretty tight fit, but it fits ok.  Notice the white header again, Some motherboards have smaller via holes so it is tough to feed the pins of the header through.  If it is too hard you can just remove the wires from the header and solder them to the motherboard instead.



Below are 2 pictures to assist in installing the 2 pin header on the A500+.  Rev 5 and 6A are also in the same location







$74 (8mb Version)


$64 (4MB version


A600 4MB Fastmem board


this board is ideal for those users that want a cheap 4MB fastmem solution for their A600 that doesn't interfere with the PCMCIA slots for those that have them already occupied. The board is small and has very good gripping power over the CPU ( Please note,  there is always the exception to the rule. Let me know if you have any issues).









To install the A604 0r A608 simply place it over the CPU and wiggle it gently until you feel all 4 corners of the socket are over the CPU.  Then you can use 2 fingers of each hand to press down firmly and evenly (Yellow circles indicate where to place your fingers.

  The Vampire is installed the same way (socket lower left, same as the a604/A608





A600 Vampire 64MB 68020 Accelerator

I  will post more info later.


To see the Authors homepage of this project please visit www.majsta.com











(90 Euro)


A600 8MB Fast Ram Memory Expansion board  (configurable)

8MB Memory expansion board for your Amiga 600..  The board simply presses down over the CPU on the A600 motherboard. The memory will autoconfigure when the Amiga is turned on. The board will allow the PCMCIA slot to be used by setting the fastmem to 4mb so it does not conflict if you are using PCMCIA fastmem.

 The A608 board can also be secured by the use of 2 screws/wires if you want extra security.




 This board is jumper configurable for zero, 1.5mb, 4mb, 5.5mb and 8mb ram.












$49.00 (8mb)


A500 CPU Adapter,

 This adapter will relocate the A500 fastmem board further back in the A500 to allow easier closing of the case and also allow the addition of the IDE68k board made by MKL. Installation is simple as shown in the picture.

 This will fit in all A500 motherboard versions. A capacitor may need to be bent out of the way in a few boards


Picture shows the A500 8mb fastmem board sitting on top of the CPU adapter






A1000 CPU Adapter

This adapter will sit on top of your CPU socket in the A1000 and allow the fastmem board to sit on top without interfering with the floppy drive cable of the floppy drive.





CF Adapter, Internal.

For A600 and A1200. Connects to the onboard IDE header, allows you to use CF cards inside your Amiga instead of Hard drives (no more noise.

The adapter is designed to fit inside the Amiga and not get in the way of othr addons that are available for purchase.Normal operation of this adapter does not require the jumpers to be on. The jumpers allow for a quick Amiga boot up when no CF card is installed and you are running Kickstart 3.1. Has an onboard power/activity light to check correct fitting and CF activity .

When installing the Adapter, do not insert the CF card right away. Power up the Amiga without the CF card installed and check that the power LED comes on. If it doesn't, turn off immediately and recheck installation

 If you leave the jumpers off in KS 3.1 and do not have a bootable CF card connected, the Amiga can take an extra 15 seconds to boot up. If you are running from a CF card and leave the jumpers on then the Activity HDD light will flash continually







CF Adapter - External.

 For A600 and A1200. Same as the CF internal but allows you to remove and replace CF cards without the need of opening your case, perfect if you want to run multiple configurations without the opening/closing hassles.

 It will require enlarging the PCMCIA slot a bit. (It does not interfere with the usage of PCMCIA card operation)

The section regarding the jumpers and installation is the same as the internal card. Below are some guides for installation of the External CF adapter

CF Installation guide

A600 cutting Template

A1200 cutting Template






 Modded HDMI cable (3feet).

Intended for use with the HDMI adapter for the MKII Indivision adapter.

 It is designed to carry the L,R audio signals from the amiga to the HDMI capable TV/monitor eliminating the need to plug in audio cables at the Amiga.

 2 wires need to be soldered to the Amiga 1200 internally. and connected to the HDMI adapter by an included connector

This will include the 2 wire cable to connect from the soldered points to the header on the HDMI adapter


Here is the link for soldering the 2 pin header to the A1200 motherboard.









RCA to 3.5mm Adapter


This will allow those people who have the mini jack type connector on their TV/Monitor to use a RCA type cable and convert the signal into a 3.5mm mini jack






HDMI Adapter

  For those people with the MkII indivision., this will allow you to connect the MKII indivision to this and allow you to plug in a HDMI cable from the Amiga to your HDMI capable TV/Monitor.

 At present, Jens has not completed the final core for his MkII indivision adapter so only a few monitors will display HDMI. Once he releases the new cores then this will display on all monitors.

 This is designed to fit neatly in your A1200 where your RF module used to sit and is secured by 2 small nuts and bolts. You can place this adapter anywhere you want using Jens supplied cable or a custom length cable i can make (further down the list).

It will also allow audio to be sent down the HDMI cable for those people that want that option. I will not add the 2 pin header unless the buyer buys a custom HDMI cable to go with this.







ECS Indivision I VGA adapter for the Amiga 600

 This adapter will fit in place of the RF module once you remove it (or anywhere you like).. to allow you to plug in your VGA cable into the back of your A600.


** if you buy this to replace the existing  VGA cable then you will need a 10 pin ribbon cable. You can either use/make your own or buy my 10 pin  ready made cable below this item.  **





Custom Length ribbon cable for Indivision I VGA header


 Cable can be cut to desired length.

Note: VGA adapter shown is NOT included 




V2.0 Amiga/Atari PSX controller adapter

This is my best PSX adapter for the Amiga and many other 8/16bit computers and consoles.  It is a programmable adapter that allows cloning and programming of the Playstation controller buttons.  Detailed info can be found here.



 Many thanks to Paul Willingham for allowing me to use his code









V1.0 Amiga/Atari PSX controller adapter

PSX controller adapter that will work on Amiga/Atari  and most other 8/16 bit retro computers that use the DB9 connector. (Requires Dual shock controller)

 Can be used in mouse/joystick mode and has built in Autofire. The 2 LED's give a visual indication of the active mode. The adapter will remember current settings on power down

 Thanks to Tom Kirk for allowing me to use his code and schematics to make this adapter. If you want more info you can check out his website at


Red LED solid = Normal joystick mode

Red LED Blinking =  Joystick autofire on

Green LED Solid = Atari mouse mode

Green LED Blinking = Amiga mouse mode

"Select" toggles joy/mouse

"Start" toggles autofire/ atari-amiga mode





MKII Indivision custom length cable.


 This is the cable that will connect the MKII indivision to the HDMI adapter.  I can make this cable in any length you desire. Please measure accurately to ensure it is not cut too short etc.

 I can also make this cable for the A4000/CD32 MKII indivision which has a different connector on the MKII itself.

Price is the same for both A4000/CD32 and A1200






A600 Mouse/Joystick Extender


 This is one of my abandoned projects that will work as a simple mouse/Joystick extender for your A600 that will allow you to plug in any 9 pin connector that has wings etc.


 I initially built these for a mouse/joy autofire project for all Amigas (it will work) but decided that interest would be too low so i am selling them just as extenders





Svideo/Composite Video Adapter

 This Svideo adapter will connect to the 23 pin RGB video port on all Amigas and allow you to take advantage of your TV/Monitor Svideo input. Svideo gives a picture quality equal to Scart and is switchable between PAL and NTSC systems. Composite output is fuzzy, but better than RF output


Here is more info taken from the forum thread where the project actually started.


There is a switch/jumpers inmside that can be selected to either NTSC or PAL.  I will set the signal to the native display of your country.










 I do have more completed projects that i will display soon, and a few new ones that i am in the process of research/construction.  If you have any questions, email me and i'll try to help.


Thanks for looking,


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